What’s the difference between Joinery and Carpentry?

Joinery and carpentry are both wood based construction trades. There are lots of similarities between the two skills and it is understandable that people often confuse the two. There are many areas where joinery and carpentry overlap, with lots of transferable skills between the two professions. There is, however, a big difference between the two disciplines. The main difference between a joiner and a carpenter A joiner is a craftsman who joins wood, usually in a workshop or factory. Joiners make doors, windows, staircases, and all manner of furniture. A joiner’s work often involves using large machinery such as lathes, … Continue reading

Low or high threshold bi-folds – what are the pros and cons?

White bifold door in timber

In recent years, bi-fold doors have become an increasingly popular patio door choice across the UK. Their wide opening action and neat fold back system have proven popular with homeowners who want to maximise floor space and link interior and exterior areas. At Kirkman Joinery, we manufacture bespoke timber bi-fold doors to your exact specifications. Our bi-folds can be installed as an entrance patio door option or between two interior rooms as a movable partition. With timber bi-folds from Kirkman Joinery, you can open up your home to the great outdoors or create large open plan living areas when required, … Continue reading

10 innovative ways to add wood to your home

Timber front door with timber beams surrounding

Using wood in your home is a great idea. It adds a feeling of warmth and cosiness to any room, helping to create a relaxing atmosphere. Wooden features are often viewed as a symbol of quality and luxury. When well cared for, wood will last a lifetime. Its natural grain is both aesthetically attractive and resistant to wear and tear. At Kirkman Joinery, we’re the experts in everything wood related. When you want to add some wood to your home, we have the material knowledge to make your wooden home improvements a complete success. From our factory in High Wycombe, … Continue reading

25 reasons to choose Accoya wood for your next project

Are you planning a windows, doors, or conservatory installation project? If so, have you decided which material you’ll choose? At Kirkman Joinery, we’re the experts in wood. We undertake all aspects of joinery, large and small. We know which material is best suited to each individual project. Alongside traditional soft and hardwoods we also use Accoya wood. Accoya has undergone an acetylation process to improve its quality. Here are 25 reasons to choose Accoya wood for your next project. 1. Extremely durable – will last at least 50 years in exterior use 2. Thermally efficient – helps your home to … Continue reading

Why you should never replace your wooden windows with uPVC or aluminium

Angled timber windows

Do you live in a period property with original timber windows? Are these wooden windows beginning to rot or deteriorate? Are your windows prone to cold spots or are they letting heat escape? You may have looked into the replacement options and you’re considering replacing your failing timber windows with uPVC or aluminium alternatives. STOP! Do not do this. Whatever negative things you may have heard about timber windows simply aren’t true. Today’s modern timber window systems are a world away from the originals in terms of energy efficiency, security, and durability. They regularly outperform uPVC and aluminium across all … Continue reading