What is an Approved Document Q? And what does it mean about our products?

Since 1st October 2015, Building Regulations’ Approved Document Q (Part Q) has been in place.

What is an Approved Document Q?

Considering the security of new homes, Approved Document Q aims to prevent home break-ins via lower-level doors and windows. It is a standard that doors and windows across England must adhere to, including appropriate hardware, to ensure they’re capable of withstanding physical attacks from burglars.

Under these standards, all new door and window designs must pass various tests and assessments that meet the security requirements of PAS 24:2012 (or other standards that meet or exceed PAS 24:2012). In order to make homes less vulnerable to break-ins, the PAS 24:2012 provides a Publicly Available Specification that standardizes a minimum enhanced security requirement for door and window security.

Properties applicable to Approved Document Q?

Approved Doc. Q applies to new build dwellings only, however this includes homes created by a change of use.

Doors applicable to Approved Document Q?

All easily accessible door sets providing access into a dwelling or into a building containing a dwelling should be secure door sets. This includes patio doors, French doors, bi-fold doors and communal doors – including interconnecting doors between garages and the property or the garage door itself must meet or exceed PAS 24:2012 security standards.

Section 1: Doors

As bespoke timber joinery specialists, it’s also important to note that bespoke timber secure door sets (up to 1000mm wide and 2000mm high) must meet the following additional door set criteria:

For larger bespoke timber door sets, extra measures may be required.

Windows applicable to Approved Document Q?

Ground floor, basement and other easily accessible windows (including easily accessible rooflights) should be secure windows in accordance with PAS 24:2012 security standards.

Section 2: Windows

If you’re in the process of buying a new home or looking to secure a High Wycombe new build, be sure to find out whether doors and windows meet Approved Document Q. For absolute peace of mind, tap into the expertise of Kirkman Joinery for all your timber home improvement needs. Give us a call on 01494 461 116 or send us a message online today.