Nottwood House

Wooden windows painted white on large house

To give the owners of this beautiful property exactly what they were after, we suggested a complete glazing solution by replacing the existing windows with ones which were handcrafted by Kirkman. We installed a complete set of our stunning hardwood casement windows for a look which is traditional, but with additional glazing bars for a touch of contemporary styling.

Our hardwood casement windows not only offered the beautiful aesthetics the owners of Nottwood House were after, but they also offered excellent levels of durability and reliability. Continue reading

The Farthings

Farthings entrance timber door

When the owners of this beautiful property contacted us regarding a complete window and door replacement service, we were able to recommend them bespoke frames which exactly matched their requirements – being both durable and aesthetically pleasing. We replaced all the windows and doors at the property with European Oak, and had them finished with a Satin Lacquer for an extended lifetime, a softened colour tone, and excellent flexibility and adhesion.
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