Timber Conservatory vs uPVC – Which is Best for Your Home?

Timber conservatory being installedA conservatory is a worthwhile addition to any home, providing a room that lets light in and creates more space to live in. There are, however, certain decisions that need to be made when it comes to having a conservatory installed. For instance, you may be struggling to decide between timber and uPVC when thinking about the material you’d like it to be made with. There are pros and cons to both and the final decision is almost entirely dependent on your budgetary and housing situation.


To begin with, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: cost. Like many people, the first thing you might look at when you’re looking to buy anything is the price. Timber conservatories tend to cost more than their uPVC counterpart. This is because wooden conservatories are considered a luxury and a more traditional option. If you’re on a strict budget, this could understandably be off-putting but for those who aren’t, you might very well find a reason that justifies the price difference.


The material that looks best with your home will differ depending on the kind of house it is. If your home is more traditional, you’ll more than likely want to opt for a timber conservatory as the two structures will merge together more seamlessly. A uPVC conservatory can look out of place or cheap when installed for a traditional home. Timber conservatories are compatible with both modern and traditional houses, whether or not it looks better than uPVC when it comes to a modern house is entirely subjective.

Environmental Impact

If you’re somebody who’s environmentally conscious and looks to avoid making a negative impact, a timber conservatory might appeal to you more than uPVC. At Kirkman Joinery, all our timber is FSC approved, meaning it’s environmentally-friendly and only from forests in a sustainable state. If the manufacturing process of uPVC is not done to a certain standard and regulation, it’s possible for toxins to be released into the environment, including dioxins, which are highly toxic towards the environment.


Timber is a more natural material than uPVC, which means it will age over time. This is part of the appeal of opting for timber. However, there’s still a misconception floating around that any kind of wooden structure will quickly rot or suffer from mould but with the modern-day application of various micro-porous paints, you can be certain that your timber conservatory will last just as long as a uPVC one. Of course, you’ll have to re-coat the timber every few years but at Kirkman Joinery, we’re members of the BWF so you can rest easy with the knowledge that we’re up to date with the latest developments in product standards and technology.

Kirkman Joinery

If you’ve now decided that you’re looking for a timber conservatory that will compliment your home with minimal maintenance for an affordable price – great! We specialise in just that. Kirkman Joinery offers the very finest in handcrafted timber products, providing windows, doors and conservatories that look great and are built to last. For more information, get in touch with us or browse our website.